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BullGuard Internet Security is a very complete protection system for your PC, which comes with all the tools you need to fight the different threats that are spreading on the net in the form of virus, trojans, spyware, etc.

Using the extremely functional interface, BullGuard Internet Security will make sure to show you the status of your defenses, and will give you access to each of the areas it works in.

The BullGuard Internet Security utilities pack is comprised of a powerful, general Anti-Virus, an Anti-Spware, Firewall, an email filter, and a tool for making backups of your files and folders. In addition, all these things will constantly stay updated through the Internet, so that not even the latest virus in circulation can get through its barriers.

Lastly, for each action it performs, BullGuard Internet Security will generate a detailed report that will enlighten you on what it is doing.

Microsoft Windows 2000/XP, and Vista OS.


You can try BullGuard for 60 days.

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